Updated: Aug 18, 2020

What to expect from your first Technical Boxing or Muay Thai session at Eastside Boxing Gym Brisbane? First off all, you can expect a warm welcome from one of our coaching team!  The team will proceed by explaining how the club works and help you get ready for your first workout.  Please make sure  that you arrive 15 mins before your first class so we can get your membership set up and ensure that you are ready to go when the class starts.   What do you need to bring with you?   You will need hand wraps with you. If you don't have any, don't worry as we sell them at the club for just $12.  Obviously you will need a pair of boxing gloves, but if you don't have a pair you can borrow some from the club.  (Once you decide if boxing or Muay Thai is for you you can choose to invest in your own pair. These can also be purchased at the Gym.)  If you're attending the technical boxing or Muay Thai sessions and want to learn to block, slip and defend,  counter punches and kick, you will need to bring a mouth guard with you.  (If you don't want to do contact drills or sparring that's fine too, and so you won't need at mouth guard!) Again we sell these at the club for just $15.

What sets us apart from other boxing and Muay Thai clubs?

When you attend one of our evening boxing or Muay Thai sessions you will notice there are two coaches in each class. This is because our sessions are heavily technique focused, and this gives you the opportunity to spend more one on one time with the coaching team. so you improve and pick up the technique as quickly as possible. It also gives us the opportunity to split the group so beginners are learning a different skill set to advanced boxers.

The Warm Up for the Technical boxing / Muay Thai Sessions We tend to start the sessions off on the skipping ropes.  Following this our fighters complete a few round of shadow boxing.  Fighters shadow box to work on developing good form our boxing techniques.  If you've never done any Muay Thai or boxing before, the coach will spend some time with you teaching you the fundamentals including the stance, footwork guard, and how to throw some basic punches.  

Technical Work

After the warm up we tend to work on some skills based partner drills.  This involves both offensive and defensive skills.  Such as slipping, catching punches, foot work, or working on offensive combinations and tactics.  For more experienced boxers and kick boxers we have option available to spar in the sessions.  Sparring in the sessions is supervised by one of the coaching team and is about learning together and helping each other improve. 

We might then incorporate some pad work drills and combinations into the session. Again these drills are designed to improve a specific skill sets.  If you've not held pads before don't worry the coaching team are on hand to assist you.  After some hard rounds on the pads we might head over and complete some drill on the bags or complete a high intensity circuit to finish the session off! 

What are you waiting for head down to one of Brisbane best fight gyms!  

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